Boppy® Organic Cuddle Pillow with Removable Pillow Cover - 2PK

SKU: 00058300020490
Fashion: Biscuit
The Cuddle Pillow expecting parents love with a soft, organic cotton fabric cover. Cuddles and supports you without taking up the whole bed. The cozy mid-sized pillow saves on space while the contoured design gives support where you need it. Plush support in a slightly smaller size than a Total Body Pillow that your partner will appreciate.
The Boppy Cuddle Pillow gives versatile pregnancy and postpartum support where you are feeling it the most. This pillow can be used on your head and neck, baby bump and legs or back and legs. It is also a great pillow anytime for between your knees for better hip alignment or as a head support to alleviate shoulder pain.
The thoughtfully contoured shape saves room in the bed but doesn’t skimp on support. Curved to match your natural leg line when side sleeping, it is the perfect pregnancy pillow if you are trying to leave a little room for your partner too.
Great for sleeping and for getting comfy while lounging at home. The curved design gently hugs you for back or knee support while lounging on the sofa or sitting up in your bed to read or create your online baby registry! It is also so comfy and versatile you will probably continue using it well after your pregnancy (if your partner doesn’t take it first). This pillow is an employee favorite at the Boppy office because it supports so many sleeping styles.
The soft, breathable pillow cover provides cooling comfort. The pillow and the pillow cover are both machine washable, so it is easy to clean.
The Boppy Cuddle Pillow is part of a full line of Boppy maternity pillows designed to support the varying needs of pregnancy. All prenatal pillows support pre and post birth and help you get comfortable while sitting or sleeping.
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